CabriO Stanserhorn


The Stanserhorn is a mountain in Switzerland, located in the canton of Nidwalden near to the border with Obwalden, with the peak at 1,898 metres above sea level.

Enjoying the wind in one’s face and the perfect view: first on the open funicular – rumbling and bumping just as it did 120 years ago – and then on the rooftop deck of the futuristic CabriO aerial cableway.

World premiere on Mount Stanserhorn


The wind in your hair in a convertible-style cable car


A new cable car system lets guests enjoy fresh air and great views around Mount Stanserhorn. The double-decker cable car has an open upper deck.


Riding to the top of the 1,900-meter Mount Stanserhorn with the wind in your hair, the blue sky above you and a fantastic 360° panorama: that was the concept of the new cable car to replace the one from Kälti to Stanserhorn. A crazy idea? Maybe, but today we can see that it was a thoroughly viable one. The so-called “CabriO” cable car is the world’s first cable car with a roofless upper deck. The comfortable double-decker is the very latest in cable car technology. The lower level (with windows going almost from wall-to-wall) has space for 60 people. From there, an elegant staircase leads up to the sun deck, which offers room for about 30 people. The guests can enjoy 360° panoramic views as well as the fresh mountain air. The car moves on two side-mounted support cables – a technological innovation of Garaventa AG, a Swiss cable car company based in central Switzerland.

Time travel

The ride up to Stanserhorn is also a journey through local history. One witness is the old-time funicular from Stans to Kälti. When it opened in 1893, it broke the world record for the longest funicular. Indeed, pioneers have enjoyed an affinity with Stanserhorn for some 120 years. And while historical gems like the old-time funicular will remain at Stanserhorn, the new CabriO will bring to the mountain a breath of fresh air.


The new CabriO cable car in figures:-

Lenght: 2.320 meters

Base station: 711 meters above sea level

Mountain station: 1,850 meters above sea level

Capacity: 60 people

Conveying capacity: 465 guests per hour

Speed: 8 meters per second

Journey time: 6 minuts, 24 seconds

Investment: CHF 28.1 million


Tour Exclusions:

  • Excursion rates are higher in peak season (April – Sep months), and low in off season (Oct – Mar months).
  • Rates are not valid for during Events, Bank holidays or any other special occasion.
  • Any services which are not mentioned in tour inclusions, are excluded.

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